Cross Points Landscaping may not be the oldest landscape & swimming pool renovation company in the area, but we are probably the most experienced and definitely the most creative. Cross Points Landscaping was founded by Sean Stroub and his partners to bring a new approach to providing high quality, creatively driven landscape services to the Central Indiana market with unprecedented levels of customer service. The focus of our business is to deliver highly creative, design driven landscape projects in a collaborative process that is simple, responsive & enjoyable for our customers. We understand that our clients are looking to improve their landscaping so that they can ENJOY their outdoor living spaces, so we built our company with systems and processes that center around customer communication and service. With our dedication to being customer centric in everything we do, we believe you will find that Cross Points Landscaping can provide creative, high quality work on your next project in a professional, and enjoyable process.




Sean Stroub - Founding Partner


Cross Points Landscaping is built around the customer and their landscape or swimming pool renovation project. Our entire team, from designers to production crews to admin support, have all of their systems connected and built into ‘The Cloud’. We have done this to provide a system so our entire company can spend more time with our customers and on their project sites. In this way we have eliminated the need for a large, and extremely costly, central production facility. We have one central office that is supported by smaller support facilities that are stationed around the Metro area that support our production crews when needed. Since every production system we use is accessed from the 'Cloud' via mobile systems, all of our production crews can directly report to our customers’ project sites, eliminating wasted time and costs associated with having to drive to and from a central facility every day. These mobile based systems provide both our designers and production staff substantially more time to service our customers and to spend more time on project sites during the construction process.

cloud-computing-laptop-smartphone-tabletBy innovating these new systems and processes, Cross Points Landscaping can install projects at a higher level of quality far more efficiently than other companies, while still delivering amazing, ongoing customer service both during and long after our projects are installed. In fact, we have project quality and audit systems in place that continue for long after our landscape and swimming pool renovation projects are completed. Cross Points Landscaping performs specific quality audits three times within the first year of every completed project. We look to make sure our work is living up to our high standards long after we complete a project. We also will make note of any recommendations we see for ongoing maintenance or plant health care at those times. In addition to these on-site audits, we also perform phone and email surveys on a regular schedule to see if there are any questions or concerns. And if there are questions on a project anytime after it is completed, just give us a call or send us a text or email. If we can't take your call directly we return all calls or emails typically within a couple of hours, not days.