What is our Landscape Design Build Process?  Simply put, Design/Build is a process where the construction aspect of a project follows a defined plan or blueprint that was developed before construction begins.

Is good 'Design' important for my project?

At Cross Points Landscaping we firmly believe that developing a landscape design is critical to ending up with the most impressively appealing landscape projects. This is why formulating a design is the critical start of our landscape design build process. A great landscape design will maximize creativity, increase long term project quality, and maximize the value within the given budget. Following our collaborative landscape design build process will also decrease project installation time frames. Projects that are installed without designs (or poor quality ones) typically end with poor quality, over budget, low levels of creativity and tend to leave customers with more disappointments and surprises. Keep in mind very few other projects or products where you will be investing thousands of dollars ever get started without some form of a design or plans: think of building a home/house addition or buying a car or major appliance - all of them started with a design or plan.

Does it take longer to get my project started while developing a Design?

A pool renovation or landscape design/build project is a significant investment that has a minimum investment of thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. Taking a little longer to develop a design or plan is time well spent in order to end up with a higher quality finished project. Collaborating with a customers during our landscape design build process is the only way we have found to produce a final project that is both high in quality and creativity that also maximizes the value of the project's budget. When it comes to finishing a project, a good design increases the efficiency during the construction process, this will actually DECREASE the duration of time to finish a project. In effect, the project may start a little later while developing a design, but will finish far faster than other companies who try to just 'wing it'. In fact, if you are in a rush to just 'get started' on a project we may not be the company for you.

How else does a 'Design' help me on my landscape or pool renovation project?

Our 'Design' process is 100% collaborative process with the customer. Give us your ideas, visions, or Pinterest picture boards of projects or exterior elements that inspire YOU, our experienced designers will take that information and develop creative 'Designs' that match your tastes, visions and budget. Will will often develop a few design alternatives or product options for you to consider during the 'Design' process to help guide us to achieve the final project 'Design'. Developing the project 'Designs' using this process is the best way to help you visualize your projects before construction begins. Making changes during the 'Design' process is far easier, quicker, and cheaper than having to make a major change during the construction phase of a project.


At Cross Points Landscaping we also often employ powerful 3-D design software on certain projects that help you to see our 'Design' concepts in the same point of view as when they are built. A final project 'Design' also serve as the actual scaled working plans and blueprints that our production crews use to install your project, that way everyone is on the same page during the construction phase of your project. For more information about our production crews and the 'Build' phase of your project visit our Working With Us page.