Cross Points Landscaping is a landscape design-build company specializing in landscape plantings, perennial beds & unique specialty gardens in Indianapolis. Our creative landscape designers create inviting and beautiful landscapes that use proven hardy trees and shrubs, along with ornamental native plantings. We also provide routine maintenance and care for your newly established landscape plantings, ensuring the proper development of your garden.

Do you have  landscape planting requirement for planting, moving or preserving large trees? Cross Points Landscaping has the experience to handle large trees. Our staff has managed the moving and planting of hundreds of large tress that weighed in excess of 78,000 pounds. There are very few landscape design and planting requests that we can not manage for your project.

We design and install many different types of landscape plantings and gardens, including:

  • Formal gardens.
  • Specialty gardens.
  • Perennial beds & borders.
  • Native gardens.
  • Contemporary gardens.
  • New American gardens
  • Large tree plantings & trans-plantings.
  • Indigenous and drought-resistant planting beds.

Large Tree Crane landscape plantings specialty gardens perennial beds trees shrubs

For more information about the trees, shrubs and perennials used through Indiana and the Midwest, please visit the following arboretums or public gardens: