Ponds and waterfalls add tranquil and soothing beauty to every landscape. Adding ponds, waterfalls, fountains or other water features is a great way to add soothing sounds and interesting focal points to any home landscape or garden. Cross Points Landscaping has been building ponds and waterfalls for over two decades now. We have the experience and design capabilities to add any type of water feature you can dream of to your property or backyard oasis. Looking for a winding, natural stream with cascading waterfalls that end in a ecologically balanced koi pond? How about a pondless water feature with waterfalls and streams that can be turned on and off as needed with limited maintenance? Or thinking of a fountain or rock sculpture that will fit in a small courtyard or garden? Cross Points Landscaping can design and install any of these water features with the latest systems that minimize maintenance times and reduce operating costs.

 Some of the different water features that Cross Points Landscaping can design & install include:

  • Koi ponds.
  • Pondless water features.
  • Garden ponds.
  • Fountains and wall sconces.
  • Stone or rock water features.
  • Waterfalls and stream beds.
  • Water feature and fire element combinations.
  • Water walls. 

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 Looking for more inspirations on your next water feature project? Visit some of these outstanding water features at these public gardens: