Is it time to update and remodel your swimming pool? There are many reasons to start considering swimming pool renovations on an older pool, hot tub or spa. It could be structural, to fix the aging cracked or broken concrete surfaces surrounding an older pool. Swimming pool renovations could also be in order to expand the pool decking to add more living space on a swimming pool that had only minimal decking surfaces poured in when it was originally installed. Another primary reason to start a swimming pool renovation could come from a lifestyle change. Many pools are initially installed when families have small children to have a place to cool off during hot Midwestern summers. Many times kids and younger parents were all in the pool together as part of family fun time. But often these swimming pools are installed with minimal pool decks surrounding the pool and with very few other outdoor living amenities. Over time the kids will only want to swim with their friends, and parents hang out nearby. There are more occasions to have more entertaining outside and occasions for parties or get-togethers, but the small exposed pool deck offers very few areas to gather or comfortably entertain. The aging, and minimal sized pool deck will then necessitate some improvements and renovations.

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The biggest question asked when considering hot tub, spa or swimming pool renovations? Do we have to start over and remove everything? Almost always, the answer is no, especially when it comes to the structural part of the pool itself. In fact, if the pool equipment and plumbing systems are working well, most of the work can concentrate on upgrading the swimming pool deck itself and adding on outdoor living elements. Cross Points Landscaping has decades of performing creative and inspiring pool renovations and transformations. We are often brought in on these projects to offer more highly creative and innovative design solutions that will incorporate the swimming pool area as a focal point of a much larger outdoor entertainment area.

Some of the different exterior elements we can incorporate into the hot tub, spa or pool renovation include:

  • Pool house for bathrooms and changing areas along with storage areas for pool accessories.
  • Outdoor shade structures, pergolas or arbors.
  • Expanding the pool decking for additional outdoor furniture and outdoor living space.
  • Outdoor kitchen or bar.
  • Outdoor fireplaces, firepits or other fire element.
  • Outdoor lighting.
  • Exterior grade audio and television equipment.
  • Landscape plantings to provide visual screenings and seasonal color.
  • Pool fountains, deck jets, or waterfalls.