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Three Hardy Midwest Plants that Create an Eye-Catching Landscape

Three Hardy Midwest Plants that Create an Eye-Catching Landscape

According to the USDA, central Indiana and most of the Midwest are smack in the middle of two hardiness zones. For landscapers and gardeners everywhere, the zone is a guideline to what plants will do best in those regions. Luckily for residents of the central Midwest, there are a lot of plants that thrive well in that area. Here are three plants that are sure to please and add a delightful, eye-catching focal point to your landscape.

Bloodgood Japanese Maple Tree

This is a sturdy plant with brilliant red foliage that is an eye-catching addition to any landscape. Unlike many colored plants and trees, this attractive beauty maintains its color all through the seasons when it has its leaves. In contrast, this stunning tree has a silvery bark that adds to its allure. During the winter, like other leaf bearing trees, it will shed its colorful array, but its quick growth pattern and tall stature of up to 15 feet make it a popular choice in any zone from 5 through 9.

Perfume Shrub Rose

Perfume Shrub Rose


Add beauty and fragrance to any Midwestern garden or lawn with the attractive Perfume Shrub Rose. This elegant plant is a hearty shrub that stands 4-5 feet in height and is up to 3 feet wide and during its bloom is covered by grapefruit sized roses.

The fragrance is strong and citrus scented. It does best in full sun and makes a great border and ornamental plant. The rose colors of this plant are only white and are accompanied by a deep green, glossy foliage for a truly stunning appearance.

Pampas Grass Perennial


Pampas Grass is a colorful perennial that does very well in this climate. It comes in several shades, is very easy to care for and provides a tall, ornate border to any location.

Pampas Grass can reach heights up to thirteen feet and spread out as much as six feet wide. It comes in a variety of colors with plumes ranging from a light tan to bright, neon pink that appear in the late summer. The foliage of the plant stays a deep green year round, and even in snowy winter months can be a beautiful focal point. Plant it in clumps to create a featured spot or in a line for a very high privacy border. One word of caution with Pampas Grass: It is very prolific. Where you plant it, it will not only grow, it will multiply.

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